What is a GIF ?

What is Gif ?

Graphical Interchange Format or a GIF is an animated image format that contains a series of images endless looping with no sound. GIF image format invented by American software writer Steve Wilhite in 1987. Files with .gif file extension are known as the GIFs and unlike other image formats standard GIF store image data using a maximum of 256 colors. Also, GIFs are the easiest way to animate images with small file size.

One GIF can include multiple images and display the sequence of images only once. Once you pause or stop the animation clicking on GIF it displays last image or frame. Unlike other images file formats GIFs are not ideal to store digital photos because GIFs contain only 256 colors. But GIFs are the best for advertising on websites because of the small file size of the animated image. Therefore it is better use GIFs rather than video.